Dear Diary: A review of 2018

Okay so I know this post *may* be a little later than I initially planned, but life seems to keep getting in the way so far this year. I’ve been busy a lot and am currently taking tablets called ‘Isotrotion’ for my acne which are making me so tired all the time, I’ve also started... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary: Finding the Right Balance

So for a while now I keep feeling super guilty for not sticking to my blogging goal. When the year started I was determined to schedule at least two blog posts a month, now it's nearly the end of March and I've only written four blog posts this year. The more I went on social... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary: The Blog Is Back

Okay so this feels weird... As some of you may or may not know (or care for that matter) I stopped blogging about a year ago now. To be honest, I'd be pretty surprised if anyone is actually reading this right now, as my blog did quite literally fall off the face of the earth.... Continue Reading →

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