April 2019: What I’ve been doing and loving

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How are we actually already in May? Where has the last 4 months gone? I always remember when I was younger how my parents would also say how quickly time goes when you grow up and it really is so true. Isn’t it scary how fast your life goes by once you become an adult and you work full time, have a load of things to do, try and see all your friends, your family, go to the gym, keep up your hobbies, the list goes on.

But anyways, today I’m writing my second installment of this new series on my blog and I’ve managed to do it within the first week of May, hurrah! So what did April hold for me? It wasn’t a crazy month and I didn’t get up to loads, but we did have a fantastic Easter bank holiday weekend with temperatures over 20 degrees, so like any normal brit I ate brunch outside, sipped on iced coffee and sat on Brighton beach. People who actually live in hot countries must laugh at our reaction to 20 degrees in April, but hey you gotta take advantage of it whilst it’s here right?!

April 2019: What I’ve been doing and loving

April 2019: What I’ve been doing and loving3e6aa25a-843e-4d36-a1a3-0cdf2773cf6f.jpg

On the Saturday night of the Easter weekend I also had my first proper night out since Halloween last year with two of my best mates, Chloe and Rose, and we had sooo much fun. The night started with the girls coming over to mine and drinking a lot, listening to music and obviously taking many photos. We then headed to town and went to the same place we always go to, The Mash Tun, we really are suckers for the place. The night was so much fun and it was actually really nice just going out as a group of 3! However, the morning after was not so enjoyable – absolute hangover from hell, but nothing that a takeaway curry can’t take care of.

To be honest, come to think of it my highlights on April mainly involve food and alcohol haha! I went out for another roast with Beckie and Georgia and then many glasses of wine,which wasn’t such a great idea on a Sunday night, but we live and learn. Mark and I also went out for drinks and dinner to ‘Smokeys‘, somewhere we’ve been visiting since we were first together, nearly 4 year ago now – scary.

Also last month, I had one of the best evenings with my best mate Chloe, her boyfriend Max, Mark and my Dad. I must say it was a bit strange being out getting drunk with my friends, boyfriend and Dad, but it was so much fun. Mark had been out at the football with my Dad in the day and me and Chloe went out for *a few* bottles of wine in the early evening, we then met up with the boys after the football and carried on drinking and eating burgers until we realised it was nearly midnight and that my mum would probably be wondering where my Dad was.

In April I discovered to a lot of new music. Towards the end of the month I was recommended an artist called Loyle Carner by one of my friends at work and my god I am obsessed, I literally have not stopped listening to his new album since! I’ve also been listening to a lot of Etta Bond, who I have also only just discovered, as well as my new fav person, Lewis Capaldi. As well as listening to a lot of music, I have also been listening to a new favourite podcast of mine ‘Girls Gotta Eat‘, I like listening to podcasts at work and the gym and jesus this one is hilarious, I’ve already listened to about 20 episodes in the last month!

I have also been watching a lot of TV, as always. I became very obsessed with a Netflix show called ‘Dirty John’ about a woman who falls in love with a pyscho called ‘John’, it sounds trashy, and it was, but I was hooked! I’ve also been watching Gogglebox religiously because it honestly kills me, it’s hilarious! I genuinely cannot pick my favourite household on it because they’re all brilliant in their own ways. Obviously I have been watching the new series on Line of Duty because it’s fucking amazing however, last night I watched the finale and I must say I was NOT impressed with it at all, there was no action and to be honest it was a very boring hour and a half. I am really hoping series 6 of Line of Duty is going to be A LOT better.

I didn’t really buy loads of clothes in April because I spent the majority of my money on eating and drinking. However, I did buy a gorgeous new pink trench coat from Topshop, shown in the picture below. I also treated myself to some new Vans as I live in them and my old ones were disgusting, I actually had blood on the back of one of the shoes from where I cut my heel once, I’m so gross hahaha. Although I didn’t buy loads of clothes in April, I did file my first self assessment! It was scary and incredibly long-winded however I am very glad it’s done with, but I am not looking forward to having to pay a tax bill.

April 2019: What I've Been Loving & Doing

When it comes to blogging in April, I have come up with a few new post ideas which I am excited to write, I have been looking into cameras as I want to get myself a new camera before I go on holiday as I want to start vlogging. I attended a really fun event with Georgia at a zero waste restaurant in Brighton called ‘Silo‘, where we ate amazing food and tried some tasty German wines. And lastly, I have been invited to two really exciting events next month, one at ‘The Ivy‘ in Brighton as well as a ‘potato tour’ at ‘Etch‘, ‘The Salt Room‘ and ‘Silo‘ again – I cannot wait!

Thanks for reading and here’s to a fabulous May!

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