March 2019: What I’ve been doing and loving

March 2019: What I've been doing and loving

Right, I know everyone and their fuckin nan is doing these kinda blog posts and I knowwww it’s nearly the end of April now. BUT, a lot happened to me in the month of March that I wanna document and look back on. So yeah here goes my super late March ’round up’ post…

In a bid to write more blog posts every month, but struggling to come up with ideas with what to write about, I’ve decided that every month I’m going to write a post for a new series I’m starting on my blog ‘what I’ve been doing and loving’. These kinda blog posts will talk all about what food I’ve been eating, trying and enjoying, what TV shows and films I’ve been watching and just what I’ve genuinely been up to. This type of post may not be super interesting for everyone to read, but I know I’m gonna enjoy writing them, and that’s what it’s all about right?

To be honest the month of March was a pretty good one, for a whole number of reasons, with the first and most exciting reason being the fact I got bloody PROMOTED! After being in my new job as ‘Marketing Coordinator’ for only 8 months I managed to earn myself a promotion, which I was obviously over the moon about. As a result of the promotion i’ll also be earning more money, which means my goal to save a decent amount of cash this year may actually be achievable after all.

The other super exciting thing to happen in March was the fact I finished my awful acne medication ‘Accutane’ which I was sooooooooooooo happy about! As some of you may know, I have STRUGGLED with acne for as long as I can remember. However, last year I finally got refereed to a dermatologist through the NHS and they prescribed me to go on Accutane for 4 months. I’m not going to lie it wasn’t the most enjoyable 6 months of my life, however my skin is now so clear, I haven’t had a spot since last November *touch wood* and I’m genuinely so happy about it I could shed a tear.

So as well as these two very exciting things that happened to me last month, I also found out that Mark is taking me to Italy for my birthday in July which was a wonderful surprise. I had an amazing roast at Bison Beer in Brighton (see pic below) with two of my best mates, Georgia and Beckie. I made a fabulous meal for my mum on mothers day which was a Jamaican goat curry and ginger cake for dessert, and I’m not gonna lie I did a bloody good job. I also tried out the new Honest Burgers in Brighton with Mark and I can hands down say its one of the best burgers I have ever had! Also, whilst I’m on the subject of food I also went out for a lovely meal with all my family at ‘The Jetty’ which is The Harbour Hotels restaurant in Brighton and it was fab.

March 2019: What I've been doing and loving

So what else did I do in March? I posted one of my fav blog posts to date my ‘Money Diary‘ which was super fun to write, I watched A LOT of Broklyn Nine-Nine and Queer Eye and listened to a lot of Ariana Grande. Last month I also booked a random day off work just to do nothing but have a bit of a self care day.  It was honestly sooo nice to just spend some time on  my own and I need to do it more, a very good use of a day off in my opinion. On this said say off I also booked tickets for me and my mum to go see The Ladyboys of Bangkok when they come to Brighton which is going to be amazing! My mum and I have been saying for years that we’ll go see em but always leave it too late to get tickets, but not this year!

As I mention earlier, I took my last tablet of acne medication in March, and whilst taking this medication I wasn’t allowed to drink. However, once I’d finish the meds it meant I was allowed my first alcoholic drink in 4 month which felt sooo good. I went out with some mates from work for a few beers and then got McDonalds on the way home and ate it in bed and it was just the best. In March I also started using Clinque skincare which I’ve been wanting to purchase for a while but it’s quite pricey however I bit the bullet and just went for it and so far I have zero complaints! Lastly, as always I brought a load of clothes in March, which included these gorg boots and little mini dress from Nasty Gal.

March 2019: What I've been doing and loving

As always thanks for reading if you’ve made it this far and I look forward to boring you all with what I get up to in April.

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