My Goals for 2019

My Goals for 2019

So, I’ve managed to write this blog post within the first two months of the year (just) which isn’t too bad going haha. After my latest post which was a review of 2018 I’ve decided to set a few goals I want to achieve this year, so without further ado I’m just gonna get straight into it.

  1. This year I have quite a few blog orientated goals with the first one being to launch a brand-new blog design and go self-hosted. At the moment I’m currently hosting my blog through WordPress which massively limits me with how my blog looks and it drives me crazy, so I definitely need to go self-hosted and achieve this goal!
  2. Whilst we’re on the topic of my blog, I also want to make sure I spend more time on it this year and improve it by creating more content that I love.
  3. For my third goal of 2019 I’m revisiting a goal I set myself last year, and that’s to learn to drive. I’ve decided that this year I just want to get learning to drive out of the way with, because knowing me I’ll leave it too late and regret it.
  4. Number four is to visit somewhere new. I want to make this a goal every year as I think it’s important to visit at least one new place a year as the world is so big with so many places to explore.
  5. Read at least 1 book a month. I need to make sure I actually read more this year as I enjoy it and it’s a much better way to relax than watching tv or going on my phone.
  6. Start a YouTube channel. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but haven’t had the confidence to do it. However, I now feel like I have the confidence to start up it up, I just need to find the time to do it!
  7. To actually save a decent chunk of money. I’ve never managed to really save, but now I’m turning 22 this year I think it’s real important that I start putting away a little bit of money each month for emergencies and the future.
  8. Reach 5K followers on Instagram. Now, this year I’m trying not to get so caught up on how many followers I have on Instagram and care more about my engagement rate which I think is a lot more important. However, it would be really nice to reach 5K followers this year.
  9. Quit Smoking. I have been trying for such a long time to give up smoking, but this year I really want to do it and I feel ready to, so I am determined to pack it in.
  10. Go to a festival. When I was younger I used to go and see so much live music, but as I’ve gotten old I see less and less live music and I have no idea why, so this year I wanna make sure that I go to a festival, probs not a whole weekend thing as I hate camping but a one day festival would be cool.
  11. Take more photos with friends and family, because it’s important to have photos with the people you love.

And that’s it! Kinda annoyed I ended up with 11 goals as I think 11 is a gross number but hey 11 it is. It’s quite a lot to achieve in one year (well 10 months as it’s now the end of feb ffs) but I think I can do it, gotta stay positive and work hard and that’s what I’m planning to do!

Thank you for reading, leave me a comment and let me know what your goals for the year are!

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