Dear Diary: A review of 2018

A Review of 2018

Okay so I know this post *may* be a little later than I initially planned, but life seems to keep getting in the way so far this year. I’ve been busy a lot and am currently taking tablets called ‘Isotrotion’ for my acne which are making me so tired all the time, I’ve also started going to the gym which I’m super proud about, but mannn it does not help with the whole being crazy tired thing. But anyways, enough with the making excuses for not making time to write and time to get into the actual purpose of this post.

So, 2018 was a pretty great year for me, looking back I’m really proud of everything I’ve achieved and feel very content with how my life is going, obviously not everything is always perfect, but who’s life really is perfect?

At the beginning on 2018 I wrote a post all about my goals for the year, that post was mainly for me to look back on throughout the year to see where I am in compared to my goals and it has actually been really useful in order to keep focused on what I want and where I want to be. So again, for myself I’m going to do a kinda review of 2018 and see how many of my goals I actually did achieve and which ones I didn’t achieve.

A Review of 2018

My first goal of 2018 was to ‘get fit’ and although this is pretty broad for a goal, I guess I kinda achieved it and I kinda didn’t. Am I as fit as I want to be? No, but am I fitter than I was this time last year? Yes. Since moving to Hove in February I decided I wanted to be a member of a gym again. The reason for this was, when I lived at home I used to be a member of a gym and really enjoyed going, it made me feel a lot better about myself, really helped my mental well being and put me in a fantastic mood. So after some research I found a gym that is just up the road from where I live and is actually pretty cheap, so I decided to join. Yes I have had phases when I haven’t gone very much, if not at all, but I’m really glad I decided to join and hope to get a lot fitter in 2019. You never know, by the end of the year I may actually be able to run for a bus without feeling like my heart is going to come out my mouth in a pool of sick?

My second goal was to quit smoking and oh my fuck quitting smoking is so so sooo hard. Do I still smoke? Yes is the short answer. HOWEVER, I have cut down a crazy amount and can go a few days without smoking now so I don’t really feel I’m massively addicted anymore. But when I’m not smoking I really really miss it and end up caving and having a cigarette, but I really want to quit more than ever so I really do believe I can do it, I just need to have that extra bit of will power to get me through the first month of not smoking.

My third goal was to eat better, and to be honest this is a stupid goal and I’m never going to set it ever again. I don’t eat really bad, I do order quite a few takeaways, but food makes me happy and I love it. Food is a hobby to me I like trying new food and going out for dinner. I eat a lot of good food as well as bad and I’m happy with that, so this goal can fuck off haha. My next goal was to learn to drive, but after moving a lot closer to where I work and basically living in the city, I thought what’s the point in paying all that money to learn to drive when I’m not actually going to get a car if I pass? Saying that, I do really want to get it out of the way with whilst I’m still young, so maybe I’ll have a go at it in 2019, who knows.

A Review of 2018

The next goal was to schedule two blog posts a month and that certainly didn’t happen. I’m super annoyed at myself for not achieving this goal, so 2019 is definitely going to be a year of focusing more on my hobby, which is my blog. I also need to remember that it is my hobby and not a chore because when I get into writing I really enjoy it, so why don’t I do it more?! I literally have so many arguments with myself about this and really just need to set aside a couple of hours every week to just focus on writing. Next up was a goal to visit Poland and again unfortunately this didn’t happen. I seemed to have spend a lot of 2018 rather skint (probably from all the takeaways I buy haha), however Mark and I decided last minute to go on a hot all-inclusive holiday to Spain for a week, so that meant no Poland, but we had an amazing time in Spain so can’t complain!

My next goal, yes I set a few, was to improve within my job and I definitely did that. In August last year I got myself a new job at a much bigger company which was amazing and definitely the step in the right direction for me career wise. I also started doing freelance work in my spare time which means I get a bit more money every month and it gives me experience in doing something outside of my full time job. Last year I also wanted to become more organised at work and at home which I feel I have done, I have about 20 millions lists on notes on my phone. Also, having a lot on with work, freelancing, creating content for my blog and Instagram, seeing friends and family and trying to have some down time has forced me to organise my time better.

In 2018 I also wanted to read more. I’m currently looking at my Goodreads account, for any of you that don’t know what Goodreads is, it’s an app that you can track what books you’ve read and what ones you want to read, and I can confirm that I actually read less books that I did in 2017. Last year I only managed to read 6 books which is pathetic and depressing, so that needs to change in 2019. Last year I also wanted to start saving some money, I did manage to save some money by the end of the year but the first 9/10 months I saved absolutely nothing ☹

A Review of 2018

Lastly, my final goal of the year was to move to Hove. Mark and I were living in Worthing at the beginning of 2018 and we were determined to move to Hove as it is a MUCH more exciting place to live. But yes, in February of 2018 we officially moved to Hove and we absolutely love it here and I can’t see us moving from our fab little flat for a very long time, unless we can afford a two bedroom flat so we can have a walk in wardrobe room, because we both seem to have a clothes addiction.

Overall, 2018 was a really good year for me with many personal achievements. Yeah I didn’t achieve all my goals but I set a hell of a lot of them and to achieve just half of them is definitely something I’m proud of. I’ve really enjoyed writing these posts as a kinda ‘diary’ or memory post for myself to look back on so I’ve decided to do a goals of 2019 post, I just hope I get my act together and write it sometime before July…

As always, thanks for reading! Sorry it was a bit of a long waffley post.

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