Miss Muffin Top’s vegan cakes you need to try


Do you ever eat something so good that it’s then the only thing you can think about? Yeah, well that was me after eating the gorgeous cakes from Miss Muffin Top and few weeks ago, and to be honestly I’m still thinking about the Peanut butter cups now…

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to have been gifted the most amazing vegan cakes I have honestly ever tasted. As some of you may know I’m not actually vegan however I know veganism is becoming a very popular dietary choice and I wanted to find out whether or not vegan cakes taste any different to your ‘standard’ cake. So when Lotte at Miss Muffin Top got in contact with me I jumped at the chance of sampling their treats… and as well lets be honest, who is gonna turn down free cake?

I was sent a variety of different cakes, include a slice of wedding cake… I know, amazing! All of them were out of this world but I must say my personal fav was the dark chocolate peanut butter cups, they were INCREDIBLE! I must say these peanut butter cups were better than Reese’s Pieces, and it takes a lot to say that… and they were covered in edible glitter which I’m sorry, is just amazing!  I also know that they create a lot of different cupcakes with the most gorgeous icing, I tried the ‘I do’ cupcake shown below and it was sooo yummy.


Additionally, the company is completely 100% vegan and only ever uses all vegan ingredients. The reason behind this is because the business is built around the importance of animal welfare with the aim to help people indulge in guilt free versions of their favourite products, sounds like a win win situation to me.

As you can tell I’ve become a bit of a fan and if you’re reading this post, I’m telling you, you need to check them out. You can  find Miss Muffin Top at a load of local fairs in Brighton such as The fairy tale fair, at the incredible Brighton Vegfest or a handful of Brighton cafes and restaurants including Pizza Face, Purezza, Tropical sushi and Wai Kika Moo Kau.

If you’re looking for that cake that’s just a little extra special and is Vegan or gluten-free then look no future, Miss Muffin Top’s cakes taste fantastic, look the part and don’t harm any animals  in the process. I know they’re also known for their gorgeous peanut butter sea salt caramel brownies which I definitely need to try very soon.


As always thanks for reading, I know this style of post is a little different than normal but I strongly believe in helping local small businesses and shouting about something that needs to be heard about! This post was not an ad however I was gifted the cakes, but I never lie about any products and only post about things I honestly love and enjoy! If you decide to check out Miss Muffin Top please send me a message and let me know what you think!

Also, the gorgeous photography for this post was provided by Miss Muffin Top’s fantastic photographer Katie Alderson. You can also check out Miss Muffin Top on Instagram here.

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