We need to talk about boyfriends…

Okay, so as some of you know I have a boyfriend called Mark, we’ve been in a relationship nearly 3 years and have lived together for about 2 years. I’m very happy with Mark and to be honest couldn’t imagine not being with him (ew, cringe).

The point of this blog post isn’t to express my love to Mark or gloat about how happy I am, it’s actually to have a little rant about what happens when people get into a relationship. One thing that I really struggle to understand is why as soon as someone is in a relationship they suddenly become an ‘us’, and by this I mean an inseparable pair. For example, if I want to hang out with my friend (who has a boyfriend) it all of a sudden becomes hanging out with her and her boyfriend… no thank you.

Now I’m not being funny but I became friends with YOU and I wanna hang out with YOU, not you and your boyfriend! Like am I seriously the only person who feels this way? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I hate all my friends boyfriends because it can be super fun going out with Mark and another couple, but not all the time!

I totally understand that your life does change quite a bit when you get into a relationship and obviously you want to see your boyfriend/girlfriend a lot, because lets be honest, you’re super loved up and kinda obsessed by them. However, I do think a lot of people need to remember who their friends are and that it’s important to still make time for them before it’s too late and you lose them.

One thing I love about my relationship with Mark is that we still have our own lives and friends outside of the relationship. We both love each other and love spending time together but are aware that we had separate lives before we met. Some people may disagree with the points I’ve talked about in this blog post, but I really believe that you don’t need to spend every waking hour with your boyfriend to be in a happy and healthy relationship.

I’d love to know what peoples opinions are on this subject so please leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for reading yet another ranting post (sorry).

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  1. I completely agree! I love spending time with my other half and he gets along with my friends and family so it’s great bringing him out but I like having girl time with my friends and having a gossip or rant about our other half’s or jobs xxx

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