Why Are Women Still Getting Treated the Way They Do?

Why Are Women Still Getting Treated The Way They Do

Lately on social media and in the press I have seen so much negativity towards celebrity women, regarding what they look like and how they dress. The first post I saw was about Scarlett Moffatt and how her selfies ‘didn’t tell the truth’, implying that she looks bigger than she does in the photos she’s posts on her social media. This allegation was purely made because the press has photographed her at an unflattering angle, the same day she posted a selfie where she look super good. This shitty article by the Daily Mail can be read here:

The second post I saw was about Holly Willoughby being slammed for apparently wearing a dress ‘too short for television’. And then the third post I saw, all in one week may I add, was a collection of photographs taken from a magazine. These photographs included a number of celebrity women in bikinis and swimming costumes with captions next to them such as, ‘beached whale’ and ‘famous role was on Glee, but her biggest rolls are on her belly’. Here you can see the disgustingly captioned photos:

The feeling I got when I saw all three of these posts was pure anger. Why does it matter what size these women are? Why does it matter what these women wear? Why does it matter what these women look like? and WHY is the media so heavily focused on pointing out every single little flaw about women? Why are we not applauding these women for the fantastic things they have achieved? Why are women not written about because of their beauty and intelligence? And why are women so targeted on every single detail of their appearance?

I am so sick of seeing this shit everywhere and I’m sorry but when was the last time you saw a male criticised so heavily on what they are wearing, to the point that it’s trending on social media? I fully understand that males are also slammed for how they look, but it happens to women all the fucking time.

As a result of seeing this crap all over my social media feeds last week, I ended up laying in bed one night getting more and more angry about the way women are still treated in 2018. I mean, how can the people writing, editing and publishing these magazines genuinely feel okay with themselves knowing they have shared these vile articles, completely shaming women for the whole world to see?

I had a long hard think about this post and as I’m sure you’ll be able to tell, it’s something that I feel very strongly about. I wanted to create a blog post about these issues, to voice my opinions and to bring up the five things that I feel seriously need to stop with how women are treated.

1.Body Shaming

Everyone is different. No two people are exactly the same, whether it be a different shape, size, race or ethnicity, no one is the same. So why do people, in particular women, continued to be disrespected and insulted on the way their body looks?

2. Telling girls what they should and should not wear

Why are girls constantly told what they can and cannot wear? Who cares if a girl is wearing a short skirt? I’m sure she looks amazing in it. Who cares if a girl is wearing a low-cut top or a see through top? Everyone knows girls have tits it’s not like we’re walking around naked. And if anyone says they feel ‘uncomfortable’ because a female is wearing a low top or a short skirt then those people have issues that they need to address, because that’s just fucking ridiculous.

3. Thinking girls aren’t strong or good enough

A female can do just as good as job as any male can do, so people need to stop thinking that a women aren’t strong enough or aren’t up for it. Because I’m telling ya now, we most certainly are #girlpower

4.Victim blaming

Victim blaming just makes me sick.

5. Telling girls to act ‘ladylike’

I’m sorry but what the fuck is being ‘ladylike’. I am sick of being told that I can’t do certain things because I’m a ‘lady’, um no. If I want to swear then I’ll fucking swear and if I don’t want to swear it’s not because it’s ‘unladylike’ to do so. If I say I need a poo then I shouldn’t be told that it’s gross to say that because I’m a girl, and if I wanna talk about my period then I can, because it fucking happens and it’s not unfuckingladylike to talk about it!!

So yeah, this is probably the most angry blog post I’ve ever written but you know what it’s felt good writing it! I really hope that a lot of people share the same opinions as I do, because this shit is important. Like always thanks for reading, and I promise my next blog post won’t be as shouty…maybe.

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3 thoughts on “Why Are Women Still Getting Treated the Way They Do?

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  1. It definitely feels like 2018 is the year that women are really standing up and speaking out about the sexist behaviour that’s engrained in the patriarchal society we live in – and I’m so proud of you with this post!
    I saw the pictures of Lea Michele too and it absolutely disgusted me. I can’t believe how “perfect” women are expected to be sometimes… It’s time that changes!! xxx

  2. Love this post, I totally agree with it all, it’s no wonder so many females are so insecure and unconfident in themselves! People need to stop shaming others and instead pick them up xx

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