Christmas Gift Guide for Him

After creating my ‘Christmas gift guide for her’ previously this week, I felt it was only right that I created a ‘Christmas gift guide for him’, because we can’t be leaving the poor men out can we. Also I find buying presents for guys soooo much harder than buying gifts for girls. So if you’re stuck on something to get your boyfriend, brother, dad or mate this Christmas, I hope this gives you a little last minute inspiration!

1. A Grooming Kit

Believe it or not boys like to look pretty too, and a guy can’t keep his face in the condition he desires without a grooming kit/razor. Therefore, a snazzy little grooming kit is a perfect gift idea for a guy or any ages (as long as they have facial hair obvs).

2. A Power Bank

Let’s face it phone batteries are shit and sooo not built to last. Additionally, most boys (from my experience) are soo not practical or prepared, which is why a power bank is a fantastic gift!

3. Headphones

Headphones just keep getting better and better and there are so many different features to pick from wireless, bass booster etc. Plus everyone loves music so this gift is a no brainer.

4. Aftershave

Boys like to smell nice and girls like it when boys smell nice too. My boyfriend Mark wears Versace Eros and it smells amazing, I would seriously recommend it if you’re becoming stuck with what aftershave to get a man in your life.

5. Xbox One S

As we are all probably quite aware, the brand new Xbox One S has recently come out. I know how much boys love their games consoles, playing Fifa and all the crap, so you’d probably be a right winner if you got someone an Xbox.

6. An Experience

Virgin offer some amazing experiences for pretty good prices, from spa days to driving experiences, there’s so much they offer!

7. Alchohol

Alcohol is always a safe bet, unless the person you’re buying a gift for doesn’t drink or is too young. Plus around Christmas time all the festive alcoholic beverages come out at pretty decent prices.

8. Trainers

What boy isn’t in love with trainers? My boyfriend is constantly wanting a new pair of trainers, so this seems like the perfect gift idea – as long as you know which ones they want (boys are fussy too).

9. A Watch

Watches are a perfect accessory for any guy. Additionally, the price range varies from reasonably cheap to pretty pricing, depending on what brand you buy and how much you think of the person you’re buying a gift for 😉

10. Underwear

Lastly, if you’re totally stuck and have no idea what to get him or what he’ll like, play it safe and get him some underwear. Christmas themed socks and pants are always fun!

MG x

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