My Ultimate 3 Christmas Movies

There’s nothing I love more than getting cosy, stuffing my face with chocolate and watching Christmas films around this time of year. I have three movies that I 100% have to watch every Christmas, because ya know Christmas isn’t Christmas without a few soppy feel good movies. So here it is, my ultimate three Christmas movies.

1. Love Actually

If you have previously read my blog or you know me at all you’d know that Love Actually is my all time favourite ever movie ever, which means of course it’s made the ultimate list. There isn’t one thing I don’t like about this movies, it just makes me so happy I feel like I want to cry plus the cast in amazing. I actually love this movie – see what I did there (I know I disgust myself).

Love Actually - My Ultimate 3 Christmas Movies -

2. Elf

I have watched Elf every year since I can remember and I think a lot of people can agree with me in saying it’s one of the best and funniest Christmas films to ever exist. Buddy (Will Ferrell) is amazing in this film also how the hell did I only realise that Zooey Deschannel plays Jovie?! I bloody love this film and will never ever get sick of it.

Elf - My Ultimate 3 Christmas Movies -

3. Home Alone

When I was a kid I never actually watched any of the Home Alone films and I have no idea why. Then, one year I decided I really needed to see these films as I really felt I was missing out, so I went out and bought the box set and have never looked back since. Hahaha, but seriously how can you not love Home Alone.

Home Alone - My Ultimate 3 Christmas Movies -

MG x

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