My Top 10 All Time Favourite Movies

I bloody love watching movies, especially cheesy chick flicks that are totally cringey but most girls can 100% relate to. I think the reason why I love rom-coms and chick flicks so much now is because I hardly ever used to watched them. When I was younger I’d always watch movies with my dad and brother, these movies mainly consisted of Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Rocky, so it’s about time I enjoyed some girly films.

Going to the cinema or spending the evening in watching a movie is easily my favourite thing to do ever. I love rewatching my fav movies, or keeping up to date with all the lastest films that come out in the cinema. As a result, I thought I’d make a little list of my all time favourite movies, enjoy!

1. Love Actually

Love Actually is without a doubt my favourite movie ever. I don’t just watch this movie at Christmas, I watch it all year round, and whever I can. I first discovered this film about 3 years ago, it was Christmas time and I think I watched it about 7 times just over Christmas alone. Love Actually is one of those movies that I could never get sick of and makes me cry like a little baby every time I watch it. It’s easily one of the cutest movies I have ever watched and to anyone that hasn’t watched it – WHY?! Go watch it now and thank me later.

Love Actually

2. Bridget Jones Diary

Bridget Jones is amazing. One of the main reasons I love this film so much is because it’s so realistic and as I’ve become older I found it more and more funnier and relatable. I love Bridget Jones because she doesn’t live this perfect life where everything goes right for her, in fact it couldn’t be more of the opposite. I recently saw the latest (and probably the last *sob*) Bridget Jones’s Baby and it definitely met all expectations and did no disappoint. I will forever love Bridget Jones.

Bridget Jones Diary

3. Mean Girls

Okay so what girl who was born in the 90’s doesn’t love Mean Girls? I’m sorry but Mean Girls is one of the best chick flicks (apart from Clueless) to ever be made, ever. I love Mean Girls because it’s such an easy watch, the quotes throughout the movie are ‘so fetch’ and I just feel it’s such an iconic movie for all girls who are around my age. I love it so much plus Lindsay Lohan was an absolute babe back in the day.

Mean Girls

4. White Chicks

White Chicks is probably my favourite comedy film out there. I love it because the story line is so different and ridiculous compared to any other film I’ve seen. Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans play the two girls so so well and every time I watch this movie I always cry with laughter – I’d definitely watch this film when I need a good cheering up.


5. The Wolf of Wall Street

Leonardo DiCaprio, and that is all. Okay so aside from the fact that Leo is an absolute babe and I think that I’m in love with him, (sorry Mark) this film is amazing. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you would have seen that one of my first ever blog posts was actually a review on The Wolf of Wall Street. I really do love this film, I think the story line and the humour behind it is brilliant, and I’ve easily watched it many many times.


6. Meet the Fockers

Okay so every time I tell someone my Christmas tradition they think I’m a fucking werido. But basically, every single Christmas Eve since I can remember I have always watched Meet the Fockers with my family. I have no idea why this is a tradition of mine but it just is, I have even made Mark watch it with me every Christmas Eve as well. I feel that when I watch Meet the Fockers on Christmas Eve night, it really starts to feel like Christmas – I swear I’m not crazy. One of the other main reason why I love this film so much is because I used to be a massive fan of Ben Stiller and I do like his movies, I’m just not as much of a fan as I used to be.

Meet the Fockers

7. Wayne’s World

Party time, excellent! I purely love this film because of how stupid it is and I literally can’t help myself but quote it all the way through. I bloody love Garth and the film just has me in pieces all the  way through. I remember when me and Mark first started seeing each other, I made him watch Wayne’s World with me and when it finished he just looked at me and said ‘what the fuck was that, how do you love this film so much?’ It was then that a small part of me died inside and I knew he wasn’t the one. Hahaha okay that was a bit of an exaggeration, I don’t hate Mark because he doesn’t like this film, but I just really love Wayne’s World. Also the scene with them all in the car with Bohemian Rhapsody on – amazing.

Wayne's World

8. The Great Gatsby

I honestly just think this film is so beautiful. The story line behind The Great Gatsby is amazing, the music throughout the film is amazing and again Leo is amazing. Just thinking about watching this film is making me emosh because I love it so much. I think the whole film is so magical and ahh I love it.

The Great Gatsby

9. Clueless

Clueless is basically just Mean Girls with a fuck load of 90’s fashion thrown in there. I love Clueless because it’s just another fabulous crappy chick flick that I can watch again and again and again. Plus I love all the outfits the girls wear, especially Alicia Silverstone, I mean she is just flawless.


10. Step Brothers

Step Brothers is one of my favourite movies purely because of just how stupid and ridiculously hilarious it is. Additionally, I’m pretty sure Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly were born to act together because they’re such a brilliant double act. The sleepwalking scenes in this movie involving both  Brennan and Dale will also make me crack up. Again if you haven’t seen this film – where have you been all your life?


MG x

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  1. Have you seen any of these – I recommend them all!
    Never Been Kissed
    The Other Woman
    13 Going On 30
    And I know it’s not a movie but Sabrina the Teenage Witch series 😂

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