8 Things You Should Never Do, but Are Probably Guilty Of

I was finding it very difficult to come up with a blog post idea this week, so I thought I’d create a list of stupid (definitely not serious) things I don’t think anyone should ever do, ever. However, chances are you are all probably very guilty of doing – I know I certainly am. Also the feature image has nothing to do with this post, but hey I was struggling this week.

1. Accidentally fall into a Sims binge and loose WEEKS of your life

Sims is bad. Okay so that may have been the biggest lie I’ve ever told. I bloody love Sims, but like most people I binge play it everyday for about two weeks, then don’t play it again for months. Sims is amazing but getting stuck in a Sims binge is not.

2. Bleach your hair too many times

I am so so so guilty of this. About 2 years ago I had bleach blonde hair – we’re talking Barbie blonde. I was so obsessed with having white hair that I didn’t realised how dead and straw like my hair had become. I would really not recommend bleaching your hair loads because you’ll end up having to cut it all off. However, if you do want super blonde hair I’d defo recommend getting it done professionally. Here is picture evidence of me being very very blonde, not the most flattering photo, but oh my god look at those brows, what was I thinking?!

bleach blonde hair megangriffin.com

3. Putting the milk in first when making tea

If you read my post ‘10 Things That Should Be Banned‘ you’ll understand my hate for people putting milk in their tea first. Coffee is absolutely fine but tea, no. It’s just so wrong and that’s all I have to say on the matter. I’m definitely not guilty of this one.

4. Spend most of your money within two days of getting paid

Again I’m 100% guilty of this one. Getting paid is a very exciting time for us all, especially if you’re super skint a couple days leading up to it. However, spending all you pay on clothes, alcohol or whatever else within the first couple days is really not a wise choice – trust me.

5. Pressing snooze on your alarm more than once

So guilty. I set an alarm at 7:15am and don’t even think about getting up till about 7:45am. I am the worse person for snoozing my alarm and I’m pretty sure it drives my boyfriend crazy but I can’t help it, I’m a snoozer. Maybe I’ll break out of my snoozing habit one day… maybe.

6. Put the toilet roll on backwards

This is literally my biggest pet hate. I can’t stand it when people put the toilet roll on the holder backwards, it’s so wrong and awkward – why why why do people do it. For anyone that doesn’t know what backwards is, once again here’s photo evidence.

7. Leave all your work till the last possible minute

Back when I was at college I was sooo guilty of doing this with nearly every single project I had. I’d constantly think ‘ahh I’ve got a week to do this project I can definitely spend the whole day playing Sims and watching Netflix’. Then before I knew it, it was the night before the project was due and I’d be sitting in my room stressing out, drinking multiple energy drinks and trying to do all my course work in a couple hours. I would definitely NOT recommend anyone doing this. You feel so much better if you get all your work done as early as possible, as this way you don’t feel super guilty for binge watching too much Orange Is the New Black. I’ve 100% learnt from my mistakes.

8. Squeezing your spots 

I know you’ve all done it and I definitely have wayyy too many times, but it’s literally the worst thing to do. Squeezing your spots means you’re left with horrendous scars and it also makes your spots look ten times worse – don’t do it, ever!

Hope you enjoyed reading my list of things no one should ever do! Please leave me a comment and let me know if you’re guilty of any of these, thanks for reading!

MG x

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