12 Things I Love About Autumn/Winter

So I’ve finally accepted that we’re now in full-blown autumn. I’m a pretty big fan of the summer, I love sun bathing, being tanning and chilled summer evenings. However, autumn is my very close second favourite season. Lately I’ve been seeing loads of autumnal themed images on Twitter and Instagram and many lists of people’s favourite things about autumn.

After seeing all these autumn themed shenanigans over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about all my favourite things related to the colder months. As a result I’ve managed to come up with quite a list! I’d love to know if you guys agree with my fav things about autumn/winter, so as always leave me a comment and let me know!

1. Knitted jumpers and hoodies

I loooove knitted jumpers and hoodies, mainly because they make your outfit sooo easy, all you need is a pair of jeans and shoes to complete your look. I also love how cosy jumpers are and the fact that you can be wearing the most gross boring top underneath and no one will ever know!

2. Fluffy socks

Not going to lie, I wear fluffy socks all year round, I love them. I always wear fluffy socks around the house, whatever time or day it is. Fluffy socks are one of the best and most comfortable inventions ever created and I buy at least two new pairs every year without fail.

3. Crunchy leaves

My mum recently told me that I’ve loved ‘crunchy leaves’ ever since I was really young. I used to always walk through every heap of leaves I could find, just so I could hear them crunch beneath my feet, and I still love the sound to this day. I also love the colour of all the leaves on the trees in the autumn, the orange, yellows and browns paint such a beautiful picture and always look fab on your insta feed.

4. Being cosy

I hate being cold, but one thing I do love is coming home from freezing my butt off, getting all comfy and cosy, then jumping into bed. Being cosy and snuggled up in bed, when its super cold outside is one of my favourite feelings, especially if I have a special scented candle burning.

5. Hot drinks

If is me or do hot drinks taste so much better when it’s cold outside?! Also, we all know that Starbucks and Costa bring out their most amazing hot beverages in the autumn/winter. Shout out to pumpkin spice latte and gingerbread latte – I love lattes.

6. Candles

I love candles and I love the smell of Christmas. Candles create such a warm and cosy atmosphere and who doesn’t love the sweet smell of cinnamon and gingerbread? I definitely need to get some fancy Yankee candles this year *adds to very long wishlist*.

7. Boots, boots and more boots

Boots are my absolute favourite footwear. I generally prefer ankle boots as I don’t really feel I’m a over-the-knee kinda gal. But any pair of boots always look fab with any outfit and come in so many different styles, I love it. Boots aren’t always the most comfortable thing to begin with, but once you’ve worn them in a little, they’re your best pal.

I practically lived in my Timberland’s last year, as they keep your feet super toasty and are the most comfortable thing in the world. I have seen some really nice ankle boots in New Look and Primark already this year so I’ll be sure to get my hands on those beauties.

8. Movie nights

I love movie nights all year round but there is just something different about chilling indoors watching movies in the autumn/winter – I think it’s not having that guilt of knowing you should probably be out getting pissed on a beautiful summer evening, like everyone else your age, rather than sitting in again like a middle-aged woman (no shame at all).

9. Long baths

I’m more of a shower gal than I am a bath gal, but I loooove having a long soak in the bath on a Sunday afternoon once the colder months approach. Bathing in the summer is a big no-no from me as it’s just to god damn hot. However, when it’s shitty cold weather outside and I have a special something from Lush and a good book or magazine – oh my god, heaven.

10. TV shows

Okay is it just me or do ALL the good TV shows come out when autumn starts?! I don’t know about anyone else but I am so god damn excited for The Walking Dead to start again tonight, it feels like I’ve been waiting forever to find out what happens! But seriously, whether you watch The Walking Dead or not, sooo many good TV shows start-up again when autumn/winter starts, it’s fab if you’re like me and you love binge watching TV –  lol that rhymed.

11. Pyjama days

Pyjama days aren’t just something I love during the autumn and winter, they’re something I love all year round and most Sundays – no shame what so ever, they’re without fail the best days. I’m not a lazy slob – I promise.

12. Pretty sunsets 

Again, I don’t know if this is just me but the sky seems to get so much prettier at sunset during the colder months, or am I going mad? I absolutely adore a good sunset, I mean who doesn’t? The sky just looks so beautiful when it’s lit up with bright colours of pinks and oranges, ahh I love it.

MG x

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4 thoughts on “12 Things I Love About Autumn/Winter

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  1. All this is making me miss Winter/Autumn so much. I live in Australia and we’re coming into Spring and it’s already soo hot. Already can’t wait for it to be cold again! Holly x

  2. I swear sweaters are the only reason I ever look forward to winter, there just so comfy and just easy to just put on and look presentable for outside haha and of course hot drinks! You just reminded me of the gingerbread latte- that is literally the best drink from Starbucks (sorry pumpkin spice!) Loved reading this post, all the reasons why I love winter 🙂

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