Friday Favourites: Oct 2016

I’ve been meaning to do one of these blog posts ever since I start blogging but always forgot. So now I’ve finally remembered, I’m very excited to share my ‘Friday Favourites’ with you all. This isn’t going to be a super long blog post with about 20 items listed, because to be quite honest I don’t buy 20 new different things every month. It would be lovely to buy tonnes of different products to write about every month, but the reality is I’m saving to move out and I’m very poor 24/7. Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to talk about many more products each month, however, for the time being here are my three favourite products I’ve been using this month.

1. My beautyblender Sponge

Oh my god. How have I only just started to use one of these beauties? How did I apply my makeup so easily and effectively before? The answer is, I have noooo idea. I am 100% obsessed  with these amazing little sponges, I understand I’m like a year late to the craze, but better late than never. After using a beautyblender I can honestly say I will never use a foundation brush probably ever again, it’s so much easier and quicker than any other ‘tool’ I’ve ever used to apply foundation. Additionally, using a beautyblender means your foundation is applied evenly and never ever looks cakey. I’m literally so in love with this sponge – and it’s not super expensive!

beautyblender - Megan Griffin

2. Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion

I’ve been using this little gem since I came home from my Holiday last month. When I got back from chilling for a week in Majorca, I realised just how much I looove being tanned, but didn’t wanna use fake tan as it’s such a faff. I then discovered this fantastic ‘tanning’ moisturising lotion. By using this I managed to keep my tan for sooo much longer, even though now I’m pretty convinced it’s totally gone – sad face. Using this product has been amazing, it smells great, it’s kept my skin super soft and it made my tan last that little bit longer!  Now the winter months are coming I don’t think my pasty skin is going to stay ‘sunkissed’ even with this magical moisturiser so I may think about using a different method of ‘tanning’. However, I’ll be straight back on this next summer – without a doubt!

garnier summer body moisturiser - megan griffin

3. Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner

My last fav product for this month is this amazing leave-in conditioner. This spray is literally a miracle, the title isn’t lying! I’ve always loved Aussie since I can remember and have always used their deep conditioning products.I then discovered this wonderful leave-in conditioner and I literally love it. I’ve had pretty dry hair for a while as a result of bleach, hair dye and heat. However, I’ve always been cautious when using leave-in conditioner as they make my hair feel super heavy and look really greasy a lot quicker than normal. But, this product could not be more different, my hair feels completely normal and light after use and my hair is a lot easier to handle with half the amount of knots! I usual apply this leave-in conditioner to wet hair after I’ve had a shower, then brush through carefully and dry my hair, as a result my hair feels super soft! Love it!

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner - Megan Griffin

So there we have it my three favourite products that I’ve been using this month! I would definitely recommend all three of these products to anyone as I’ve totally fallen in love with them! This blog post has been super fun and I’m aiming to do another Friday Favourites post next month. For my next Friday Favourites I’m going to try to steer away from beauty products and focus on other items related to autumn/winter so keep your eyes peeled for that one! Like always, leave me a comment below and let me know what products that you can’t get enough of this month or you think I should try out!

MG x

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