My Skincare Routine

I’ve always struggled with my skin. When I was younger I had pretty bad acne and I still get a lot of gross spots to this day so having a good skincare routine is very important. I have a very oily skin complexion meaning most of the products I use are tailored to oily/combination skin types. In this post I’m going to run through my typical skincare routine on a day to day basis. I’ve tried sooo many products to help my skin including over the counter and prescribed lotions and most brands bought in Superdrug, but right now I’m loving Garniers PureActive range as it seems to be keeping my skin at bay.

Firstly, when I wake up in the morning I cleanse my face with Garneir PureActive Anti-imperfection cleansing gel, I then rinse this off with a warm flannel making sure I don’t scrub my face at all as this flares my skin right up. After cleansing I moisturise my whole face with Garnier PureActive Anti-imperfection 24hr moisturiser before applying my makeup if any at all depending on how bad my skin is.

Of an evening I start by taking off my makeup with Garnier’s PureActive Micellar Cleansing Water. Then, even though I use cleansing water to take off my makeup I use a face wash – I’m normally stick to an anti shine/oily one and then use the same Garnier PureActive cleansing gel again before rinsing off with a warm flannel, just like I do of a morning. After washing my face I then use a toner all over my face, at the moment I’ve been using Garnier’s Refreshing Toner for normal to combination skin. Lastly, I apply sudocream to any spots and imperfections I have as this stuff is literally a god send, it makes my spots go right down and kills the agressive redness on my face – amazing!

Additionally, once a week I wash my face wish a face scrub in order to give my face a good deep wash and remove any dead skin cells. I started using this facial scrub every day but my skin immediately got worse as I soon realised it was much to harsh on my face, but once a week seems to do the trick. The face scrub I’m currently using is Garnier’s (what a surprise) PureActive Anti-spot Exfoliating Scrub for oily to spot prone skin. Also, once a week I apply a face mask, I don’t have a particular brand that I use, if I’m feeling fancy I’ll treat myself to a pot of Lush face mask but typically I pick up anything that is suited for oily spot prone skin, recently I’ve been using Quick Fix Facials, but I only picked this up as it was on offer haha!

My skincare routine and the products I use changes pretty often and I’m always up for trying new things but right now Garnier’s range seems to be doing wonders for my skin! Leave me a comment below to let me know what skincare routine you stick by or any products you think I should try out!

MG x

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