5 Things to Do Before Starting a New Job

So tomorrow I start my new job as a digital marketing assistant. For the past year I have been a digital marketing apprenticeship at a wonderful digital marketing agency. However, now my apprenticeship has finished it’s time for me to go and start an new exciting job.

I’m really looking forward to starting my new job and obviously I’m a bit nervous, but to ensure I’m super prepared I came up with a list of all the things to do before I start. So here’s my list of the 5 things to do before starting a new job!

1. New stationary

Okay so buying new stationary may not be  the most important thing to do before starting a new job but it’s certainly the most exciting! I admit I do love a bit of stationary so starting a new job is the perfect excuse to get fresh new pretty stationary. I’m personally loving the new Lexi Collection at WHSmiths at the moment, it looks really funky plus it’s not too pricey!

2. Check your working hours

This is a pretty important one. You need to make sure you know when you start work because it wouldn’t be a great impression if you turned up late on your first day. Also it’s important to plan your journey whether you’ll be driving, getting the train or bus you need to figure out what time to leave and all that jazz. If you read my blog post at the beginning of the week you’ll understand how temperamental the trains are in the south, so it’s veeeery important for me to suss out the train situation as soon as possible!

3. Know where you’re going

Again this is really important and may seem a bit obvious. I always Google Maps the location before hand just so I know exactly where I’m going, and how long it takes to get there from the closest train station. I’ll also have the address written down so I can Google it on the day.

4. Be organised

This is pretty obvious and relates to all the points but being organised is vital. Make sure you have all the right documents you need, have lunch in your bag if there’s nothing nearby and know a little bit about the company you’re working for, because that never hurts.

5. Have the appropriate clothes

You wanna have the right kinda clothes to wear when you start a new job because imagine if all your collages are in super smart clothes and you’re in jeans and a t-shirt, so embarrassing. Whether you need to wear a uniform, formal or casual clothes make sure you understand the dress code so you can get the appropriate clothes for when you start!

These are all pretty obvious points but are all things I think about before starting a new job. Leave me a comment below if there’s anything you’d add to this list or if you have any tips for me starting my new job tomorrow!

MG x

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  1. Great advice! Especially the knowing where you are going. I always drive to my new place of employment and back home the night before as a test drive so I know exactly where I am going the next morning.

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