10 Things That Should Be Banned

Yesterday I was doing a bit of online shopping because we’re now creeping into Autumn I have an exuse to buy new clothes, yay! So I was happily looking for a new fluffy hoodie when I saw one of the things I despise most in the world, cropped jumpers. As any normal teenage girl I expressed my hate for these ‘things’ on Twitter and then thought ‘hmm I’m gonna write a blog post about the top 10 things I think should 100% definitely be banned’. So here’s the list, also these are in no particular order I hate them all equally. Enjoy!

1. Cropped jumpers

Obvs this is top on the list as I’ve literally just mentioned my hate for cropped jumpers, but seriously what is the point of them? So it’s winter, it’s pissing it down with rain outside and you’re freezing what do you put on, a cropped jumper? NO. Jumpers are supposed to keep you warm, what the hell is the point in having it cropped, why would you want a cold belly? WHY?!

I really don’t like cropped jumpers.

2. Meghan Trainor

I strongly dislike Meghan Trainor. Firstly, I don’t like the way her name is spelt, but on a more serious note, I feel her ‘morals’ are very wrong. She’s got an alright voice and her songs are annoyingly catchy, but please don’t sing about how shaming people on their weight is wrong when you use the lyrics ‘skinny bitches’ in the same song. I would never shame someone on whatever weight they are because I think it’s pathetic. But bashing people on being skinny is exactly the same as bashing people because they’re fat, so just stop yeah, thanks.

3. Pop-ups on websites

Oh my god. Have you ever had it when you’re trying to read something online then a load of pop-ups come up advertising some shitty product you’re never ever gonna be interested in? Yeah me too. Pop-ups are the most annoying thing, especially when there’s no bloody close button on them. I understand a lot of websites have them to try to get people to sign-up to their newsletter and that’s kinda okay because they only pop up once  and you can easily close them. However, pop-up ads need to die.

4. Southern Rail

Anyone who lives in the south knows the pain of our shitty excuse of a ‘rail service’. Southern Rail are honestly a joke, 95% of the trains I get are always delayed, overcrowded or cancelled. I’m not gonna lie, when I’ve been at work all day I don’t wanna have to wait at a gloomy train station waiting hours for a train that either never turns up or has so many people on it you can practically taste what they had for lunch – gross.

5. Chocolate pizza

Sounds amazing right?! Yeah that’s what I thought when I bought my first and only chocolate pizza, but don’t be fooled! Chocolate pizza is single-handedly the most disgusting things I have ever eaten in my life. Would not recommend.

6. Mosquitoes

I recently just got back from a week away in Majorca which was amazing. However, I now have the most revolting swollen mosquito bite on my ankle which literally will not go away, plus it’s unbelievably itchy. Mosquitoes are the more pointless insects and they just cause discomfort, please become extinct thank you.

7. Useless recruitment staff 

Recruiters drive me crazy and I swear to god they’re more annoying than they are helpful? I was recently looking for a new job and in the process decided to get in touch with a few recruitment companies. These recruitment companys would then call me at really inappropriate times, ask me a load of questions then never get back in contact with me. Or what would really annoy me is they’d email/call me 3 months later when I’ve obviously found a job. Useless.

8. Over the top public affection

I get that a lot of people are very in love and that’s really lovely, however sucking each others faces off in public is not. The other day I was walking into the Bowlplex like you do when you wanna play a spot of bowling and I literally saw two people LICKING each others necks, yes licking. To make it ten times worse these people were not particularly young either, they were like my parents age. Ew, no thank you.

9. Putting milk in your tea first

It’s just so wrong. Put your teabag and sugar in the mug, add boiling water, strain your teabag and put it in the bin THEN put your milk in and stir. Tea should not be made any other way.

10. Wearing sunglasses indoors

Why do people do this? You should wear sunglasses outside when it is sunny. Not indoors. The clue is quite obviously in the name ffs.

So there it is my list of ten things that should defo be banned. I do apologise that this is quite a ranty blog post but sometimes you just gotta get it off ya chest. Let me know what things you really hate, chances are I feel the same way!

Also sorry for the not so flattering feature image, I literally could not think of a good relatable image for this post – my bad.

MG x

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