10 Things to Add to Your Holiday Checklist

This evening I’m checking out of crappy England and jetting off to sunny Majorca for 7 days of laying in the sun, drinking way too much alcohol and eating as much food as I physically can and I’m soooo excited!

For the first time I’m going on an all-inclusive holiday which I’m really looking forward to because it’s basically like unlimited food and drink, amazinggg! But before I can kick back and wait for this evening to arrive I have to do the dreaded task of packing all my stuff, yay.

Before I go practically anywhere I like to make a mental checklist of all the things I may need, some might say I’m a little organised and a tad over prepared, but hey it’s better than forgetting a load of stuff. So here’s my list of 10 things to add to your holiday checklist.

1. Sun cream

Firstly, it’s important to pack sun cream as having burnt skin hurts like a bitch. There is nothing worse sitting in the sun all day, getting burnt then not wanting to wear any clothes because you’re so uncomfortable and the god damn pain is just too much. Secondly, red lobster skin is not a good look on anyone. I typically get a very burn nose and face and lets me honest a bright red, shiny sore face really isn’t pleasant. Lastly, sun cream can be such a rip off. If you get on holiday and then realise you need to buy it you’re a prime suspect for being overcharged. One tip I would give you all, is don’t think you’ll be okay with wearing a low factor on the first day because chances are you won’t. I also opt for the good old factor 50 on the first day just to be safe then slowly decrease the factor throughout the holiday. Now I’m a bit of a cheap skate because I’m an apprentice and I don’t earn a fancy pretty wage so I always go for the Solait range at Superdrug. Lovely.

2. Razors

This is something I always forget to pack but is so very important. When I’m on holiday I wanna feel super sexy and smooth the whole time because lets face it, the majority of the time you’re gonna be in a bikini or swimming costume and hair legs and pits may not look like the most attractive thing in the world. I’d also 100% recommend getting ya self a razor with Aloe moisturising strips, because us girls don’t want no dry legs on our holz. You can get these razors from pretty much anywhere for a reasonable place but my go to place is always Superdrug.

3. After sun

I swear to god after sun is literally made by angels. I always make sure I pack after sun because it literally does wonders to your skin. I also buy after sun with aloe vera in as it helps sooth that horrible burning sensation you have after you get out of the shower. Also by using after sun you keep your skin super soft and moisturised. Again I bought my after sun from Superdrug as it was only £3, bargin!

4. Comfy flip flops

I like to have at least one pair of comfy flip flops for wearing to the beach or round the pool or even to the airport. I’m not a massive fan of rubber/plastic flip flops because they always rub my feet. For the last couple of years now I’ve bought the same flip flops from Accessorize because they’re sooo comfy and only £8, you can get them here!

5. Something to do on the plane

I hate flying and get really bored on the plane. So I always make sure I have something to do on the plane. My hand luggage is normally made up of sweets to suck (so my ears don’t pop), a book, earphones, my phone with offline Spotify playlists prepared, and a colouring book. At the moment I’m reading Vicky Pattison’s first book Nothing but the Truth: My Story, because my biggest guilty pleasure is watching Geordie Shore, no shame. I’ve also made my go to fav summer playlist which you can check out here.

6. Nail Varnish

I absolutely hate having unpainted nails. I used to have acrylics but I ain’t got time for that no more. So now I just paint my own nails, probably about 3 times a week, so they always look perf. Having painted nails whilst on holiday is very important, but being in the sea and the pool all the time means my nails are constantly chipping, so annoying. So remembering to pop in some nail varnish is a must. I’m personally loving the Rimmel super gel nail polish at the moment in ‘Venus’ again from the beloved Superdrug.

7. Passport

Ideally this should be at the top of the list because you can’t get very far without your passport, but you gotta be pretty dumb if you’re going on holiday and forget the most important thing. Never the less I thought I’d add it to the list, just in case.

8. Money, Money, Money.

Again without money you can’t really do a lot. It’s important to take both your foreign money and your British pounds, because when you land back in England after your lush holiday no English shops are gonna be accepting your euros are they. But yeah, remembering to change up your money before you fly is important, so so important. If you leave it till the last minute you’ll get a lot less for your money, I also would not recommend changing your cash up at the airport, I always go to M&S because they seem to have alrightish rates even though the whole currency situation is pretty fucked at the moment – just a little tip.

9. Sunglasses

It’s pretty obvious why you need to pack sunglasses. I always pack two pairs just in case one pair breaks or gets lost, because I can’t be without some trusty shades. I’m loving the tortoise shell cat eye sunglasses at the moment and I picked up a fab pair from River Island for only a tenner!

10. A range of bikinis

I don’t really have much preference when it comes to bikinis, if I see something I like I’ll just get it. I do like to have a range of colours and a few to wear throughout the holiday though. I also like to have different straps on my bikinis to try and avoid any awkward tan lines becoming an issue.

So there you have it my mini travel checklist, obviously there’s probably 100 more other things that I’ll pack but I feel these are the essentials. I’ll probably post this and then be like ahh crap I should have added that to the list but whatever, I’m gonna go actually pack now and probably get super stressed. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you can’t travel without!

MG x

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  1. After sun is the one thing I always forget.. great post! You seem so lovely and have a really amazing blog too, I love making new blogger friends so let me know if you would like to stay in touch! x


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