August Goals 2016

Admittedly I was supposed to post this on the first but I’ve been super busy and ill, but better late than never! So it’s a new month and hopefully the weather is going to be a bit better now it’s fully 100% summer, even though you wouldn’t believe it if you looked outside!

This month I want to set myself some goals to achieve by the end of the month. These are all things I’ve had on my imaginary ‘to do list’ for ages now so I thought if I actually put a date on it, it might motivate me to actually do them.

  • Take more photographs. Back when I was at school and college I had such a huge passion for photography and taking pictures. I still have that passion but never take the time to actually go out and take photographs. So this month I’m going to make sure I dedicate some time to actually go out, explore and take some cool photos.
  • Exercise at least three times a week. A couple of months ago I decided to join the gym, at first I felt really good about myself, however I very quickly stopped going. But this wasn’t because I hate working out (I actually quite enjoy it and feel it’s very rewarding) it was largely because I could never be bothered to catch the train to the gym after work and then have to trek all the way back from the gym and not get home till about 8pm. So at the beginning of this month I decided to cancel my gym membership as I never went and felt it was a waste of money. But, at home I have weights, a gym mat and an exercise bike, so this month I’m setting myself a goal to exercise at least three times a week as there’s no excuse not to now!
  • Read. A couple of months ago I started reading again, on the way to work, during my lunch break and of an evening. I really enjoyed reading and found it really relaxing but once again, I never made the time for it. So this month I’m going to make sure I do.
  • Go on runs. So this kinda links to my first goal, but not only do I wanna start exercising more I also want to go on more runs. There are so beautiful places to go for runs where I live including the beach/seafront and the south downs.
  • Save some money. I really need to start saving some money again. Last month I had quite a bit of savings and I was pretty proud of myself, however me and my boyfriend then decided that we really wanted to go on holiday so that was all my savings gone – it’ll be worth it though! So this month I need to start building my savings back up.
  • Start blogging more often. So I’ve been getting a bit better at blogging more regularly lately and I really want to keep it that way. I really enjoy writing blog posts and will feel a lot more better about myself if I produce more posts.

So there it is, my goals that I’m aiming to achieve this month! Leave a comment below and let me know if you have any goals for this month or this year even!

MG x

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