My Makeup Free Week

My skin has never been great, when I was younger I suffered with acne, and now I have the scars to prove it, as well as continuing to always get spots. I’ve tried for many years to not wear as much makeup but going out bare faced seemed impossible to me because I simply just didn’t have the confidence, until recently.

So a few weeks ago I was frantically searching on Google on ‘how to improve your skin’ and ‘best ways to treat spots’, when I stumbled across a blog post saying wearing makeup less makeup is the best thing for treating spots. At the time I just laughed and said to myself ‘yeah right, like I’m gonna go out into the world without makeup on’.

Since reading this particular blog post I decided to tone my makeup down. I then went to Superdrug and bought myself a Garnier tinted moisturiser/ BB cream (shown in the image below) to wear instead of foundation.

Garnier BB Oil Free Light Cream
Garnier BB Oil Free Light Cream

After wearing the tinted moisturiser for a couple months, one day I decided to brave it and not wear any makeup to work (apart from a little eyebrow powder so my eyebrows didn’t look patchy). This may sound ridiculous but at first I was really worried, I remember being on the way to work and thinking oh my god everyone is going to be looking at me weird and I bet people are gonna ask me if I’m feeling okay because I look rough. However, to my pleasant surprise no one even noticed.

Today marks the first ‘makeup free’ week I’ve had and I’m quite aware I may sound pathetic saying this but I’m actually so proud of myself as I now feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin. Some people may  be reading this and think for god sake this girl hasn’t worn makeup for a week and now she thinks shes achieved a life goal, but I honestly never ever though I’d be confident enough to go out bare faced.

Overall, I’m so happy I decided to wear less makeup, don’t get me wrong, I love putting on makeup and feeling all pretty and I will wear makeup when I go out out. But I will now continue to not wear makeup to work everyday for a number of different reasons:

  1. I save so much time getting ready in the morning and I can sleep for longer as a result!
  2. My skin has improved so much and that’s not an exaggeration, my skin has cleared up over just the past week alone.
  3. I feel so much happier and confident with myself.
  4. My makeup is gonna last so much longer now because I’m barely using it!

I would definitely 100% recommend to anyone to try not wearing makeup for just one day because it honestly isn’t as bad as you think it is! I hope you guys have found this blog post interesting and  don’t think I’m a massive loser haha, thanks for reading!

MG x

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8 thoughts on “My Makeup Free Week

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  1. I want to do this too, but I still have numerous acne scars. 😦 Hopefully, soon. This is an inspiration. 🙂

  2. Go you! It’s not a silly thing at all, being comfortable in your own skin can be such a huge thing to a lot of people. I’ve only fairly recently started going out with no makeup on (to do things like the food shopping, popping into town etc) but I like to wear makeup to work because it’s comfortable to me. You should be proud of yourself and I’m so pleased your skin has improved (+ the extra sleep is always a bonus!!) 🙂 xx

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