Dear Diary: My 19th Birthday!

Last Tuesday I turned 19 and as always I dragged my birthday out for a good few days… got to make the most of it right?!

So I started my birthday celebrations on the Friday before which involved a lot of drinking in a few pubs. It was a really nice evening I got to see a lot of my friends including a really good friend of mine that I rarely get to see as she lives up in Essex, so it was a really nice druken evening which then ended with myself and mark eating a load of fried chicken in bed.

Polariod photo taken on fujifilm instax mini 8On the Saturday me and Mark were feeling a little worse for wear. After about an hour of being awake I felt completely fine, which is very unlike me as I usually really suffer from horrific hangovers. So I was okay but it was safe to say Mark really wasn’t. Whilst he slept for pretty much the whole day I got really bored and decided to clean the entire house, I’d just like to add this isn’t something I’d usually do but my family had been away on holiday for the week so I didn’t think they’d want to come back to a messy house. After what felt like a lifetime of cleaning I felt pretty  proud of myself, I always get a satisfied feeling after I’ve tidied something or do some cleaning – I think it’s because I’m a bit of a clean freak. Then, the rest of Saturday consisted of watching TV, eating loads of food and sleeping.

On Sunday Mark had organised a surprise for me which was really exciting! At about 10am we headed down to the train station with our ‘overnight’ stuff packed, bought a meal deal from cop-op and jumped on the train to London. The whole way there I had literally no idea what we were doing, all I knew was that we were staying in a Hotel and going out for dinner. Once we arrived in London we headed to Kensington (which is suchhhh a nice place) and checked in to our hotel. After checking in we hopped back onto the tube and headed to Temple tube station. I still had no idea where the hell we were going until we got off the tube and walked round the corner when I saw a massive sign for The Lion King, it was then when Mark told me he’d bought us tickets to see The Lion King in the theatre – I had waited too long to see it in theatres and it’s easily one of my favourite Disney films.

Tickets for the lion king theatre show in londonBefore the show we got a few drinks and I started getting excited like a little child, we then brought a programme and some sweets and headed to our seats. The show was incredible I’ve never seen anything quite like it, the actors and actresses were so talented and the costumes and props were phenomenal, I was very impressed and very happy. When the show finished, we headed back to our hotel room to get ready for dinner, for once in my life I made a proper effort  and I’m not going to lie me and Mark both looked pretty great (even though Mark doesn’t look very happy in the picture), I even wore heels (which I took off two hours later and changed into vans haha)! We went to an amazing French restaurant called Aubaine in Kensington High Street and had really good food, including salmon, calamari and the most amazing chicken with pistachio nuts – would recommend! After a long day in London me and mark went back to the Hotel, I think we watched TOWIE (so ashamed) and fell asleep.

Me and mark in Kensington LondonOn the Monday we woke up late and we were starving, we quickly got ready, checked out of our hotel and went for the biggest fry up at some diner/restaurant called Garfunkel’s. I ate so much Mark was actually impressed with me. After filling our bellies with all the food, we waddled to the tube station and went to Oxford Street to do a bit of shopping. However, after a few hours it became hotter and hotter (I think it reached like 29 degrees), after spending all our money we decided to take a walk to St James’ park which was lovely.  After feeling like we were going to melt we decided to jump on the train home, we then ordered a fat Indian takeaway and ate as much as we possibly could when we got home. Pretty good birthday so far right?

St James Park London EnglandSo Tuesday was my actual birthday and luckily it was the hottest day of the year so far, which was fabulous! I woke up, my nan and grandad came over for a bit, once they left me and Mark got ready and headed to the beach, we then spent the whole day sunbathing and swimming (well more like paddling because it was cold) in the sea! After desperately trying to get a tan and failing I headed home to get ready to go out to dinner with my family. I then spent a lot of wasted time getting annoyed because I was really hot and had no idea what to wear, but then after finally picking an outfit I had a few drinks with my family and headed to Zizzi’s in Brighton for dinner.

Me and my brother at the pub in brightonOn Wednesday I also had the day off work which was so nice. I had a lazy morning watching my new favourite TV show Gordon Ramsey Hell’s Kitchen, it’s amazing. I’m so in love with it and even though Gordon Ramsey is a bit of a knob I love how he just doesn’t give a shit and repeatedly tells people to ‘fuck off’, it has me in stitches every time. So after watching one too many episodes of that, me and mark went to a pub just down the road from my house. It was a pretty nice day so we sat outside and had some lunch and a jug (or two) of pimm’s and discussed our holiday ‘plans’ and basically how much we want to go somewhere hot and do nothing but tan, eat and drink for an entire week.

pimms cocktails
The pimm’s was sooo good
Lastly, on Thursday evening after I’d finished work, me and mark went over to his sister’s house to see all his family to celebrate my birthday (I know I nearly dragged it out for a whole week). Once we got to Mark’s sisters house we ordered a load of pizza, which was amazing. He’s family had also bought me a carrot cake and sang happy birthday to me (so cute).

Overall, I had such an amazing long birthday, it’s been pretty hard being back at work and not having anything to look forward to for a while, but fingers crossed we’ll have a holiday to look forward to soon!

MG x

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