My Travel Wishlist

So for a while now I’ve had a travel wish list, which includes the top 50 places I really want to visit. Some of these destinations are closer to home and some are miles and miles and miles away, but nevertheless I want to visit every last one of them at some point in my life.

To add to this, I also had to cut the list down as there is definitely more than 50 places I want to visit, but I felt the number 50 was a solid number. Also these places are in no particular order, apart from their grouped in country. But yeah, here’s my travel wishlist:

I’d also just like to add that none of these images are my own.

  1. Pairs, FranceParis1
  2. Monaco, France
    principaute of monaco and monte carlo
  3. Prague, Czech RepublicSunrise-in-Prague-1920x1200
  4. Rome, ItalyRome
  5. Venice, Italyvenice-italy
  6. Sorrento, Italyslideok
  7. Florence, ItalyFlorence-Italy-10
  8. Barcelona, Spainbarcelona
  9. Madrid, Spain
  10. Athens, Greece
    The Acropolis in Athens, Greece.
  11. Budapest, Hungary108367
  12. Krakow, Poland
    Mary-Basilica-Krakow                Photo: Nico Trinkhaus – St. Mary’s Basilica, Kraków, Poland
  13. Edinburgh, ScotlandEdinburgh_hero_OFW-1700x999
  14. Berlin, Germany
  15. Zermatt, Switzerland
  16. Petersburg, Russia
    download (1)
  17. Lisbon, Portugal
  18. Las Vegas, Americaimg_0839
  19. Los Angeles, America
  20. San Francisco, America
  21. New York, America
  22. Orlando, America
  23. Miami, America
  24. Dublin, Ireland 
  25. Vienna, Austria 
  26. Istanbul, Turkey 
  27. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 
  28. Machu Picchu, Peru 
  29. Marrakesh, Morocco 
  30. Agra, India 
  31. Mumbai, India 
  32. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt 
  33. Sydney, Australia 
  34. Brisbane, Australia 
  35. Beijing, China 
  36. Hong Kong, China 
  37. Shanghai, China 
  38. Mumbai, India 
  39. Bangkok, Thailand 
  40. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
  41. Queenstown, New Zealand 
  42. Auckland, New Zealand 
  43. Cape Town, South Africa 
  44. Tanzania, Africa 
  45. Maldives, South Asia 
  46. Brussels, Belgium 
  47. Singapore, Malaysia 
  48. Vancouver, Canada 
  49. Tokyo, Japan 
  50. Copenhagen, Denmark 

    So here it is a list of 50 places I really want to visit at some point in my life, hopefully I’ll get the chance to go to every single one of them. Let me know what places you want to visit by leaving a comment below!

MG x

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